Pre-Production Planning And A Polished Result

I’ve been coming home every night this week with sore feet. Why you ask? Because I’ve been so busy running around the DDA photography studio all week! Since I primarily helped out with lighting and set construction, I’d be lying if I said climbing up ladders and step stools didn’t take a toll on your feet and joints after awhile.

Ever since the Sunday before last, our talented photography team has been taking pictures for one of our medical clients’ large database of stock imagery. Being that their company’s headquarters is based in Germany, there were a lot of regulations to adhere to like color, posture, and expression… nothing DDA wasn’t able to do! We’ve been snapping non-stop to ensure the actor’s best expressions and emotions get captured on file. Four days later, we are left with about 89 gigabytes of RAW and JPEG images to sift through. That’s well over 6,000 images! We’ll have plenty of different angles and positions to tinker with in post.

This project, of course, was not planned overnight. It was a result of weeks of pre-production planning involving lot of questions and answers, model/actor scheduling, developing a comprehensive shot list, hair/makeup/wordrobe hiring, and green screen tests. Given the successful end result,  it looks like it all paid off! The client was extremely pleased with the image quality and professionalism of our production team.

Below is a picture of our team once we were finished with the shoot. There were so many more people involved in this project it’s a shame they couldn’t have made their way into the photo as well!