Pushing The Limits

This week the video production team has been busy dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on a few major projects – all of which involve the integration of multiple element layers and various media types such as audio, video, images, and flash – all tastefully fused together to give the viewer a unique web browsing experience. Such complex media projects involve the knowledge and use of many different video and web design applications.

Fortunately for us at DDA, our production software suite allows us to work in a seamless environment by having multiple programs open at once and being able to hop from one to the other with little effort. This huge time saver not only enables us to work quicker and more efficient, but also allows us to focus on creative aspect of our craft.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be viewed online. In this digital age, it’s important to have a website that is technically current, professionally designed and easy to navigate. Any of our clients could tell you that our web design team can provide this and much more. Our Sure Thing Search Marketing Program will not only bring new viewers to your site through a strategic search engine marketing system, but keep their attention with impressive artwork and a simple navigation interface. Some of our other web-related services include website programming, database development, secure e-commerce solutions, website hosting, and multimedia streaming.

We will be adding our newly developed websites to our web design portfolio soon. In the meantime, check out some of the sites we’ve developed!