Put a Face to a Name with a Video Spokesperson

What better way to welcome visitors to your website than with a friendly face? By adding a video spokesperson to your website or marketing video you can:

  • Provide site visitors or video viewers with a guided tour of what the website or video will include.
  • Direct visitors to key sections of the website and highlight important messages of the video.
  • Introduce your product or service with demonstrations.
  • Add credibility to your company by sharing customer or staff testimonials.
  • Host PowerPoint presentations.
  • Connect with others and build trust with future customers.

A spokesperson adds an important human element to your company’s website or video that will help to endorse your company. Would you rather rely on text alone to promote your company or provide live testimonials from customers and staff instead? Do visitors need to read through a step-by-step tutorial of what you offer, or can someone talk them through the process?

A spokesperson can be live or animated, a neutral actor, an informed staff member, or a happy customer, anyone who can effectively represent your company and fill the role your video calls for, such as promoter, teacher, entertainer, etc.

Whether you need a host for your website or a corporate video spokesperson, there are a few things to consider when casting the right talent.

  1. The Script: If your script contains medical terminology, legal jargon, foreign languages, or anything else that may require a special skill, be sure the spokesperson is comfortable with the content and can deliver the script in a believable way.
  2. The Theme: Is your goal to create a professional and informative video or an entertaining marketing piece? It may serve you more to enlist the talents of a professional actor in some cases or call upon company staff and real customers in other instances. You may even consider animating the spokesperson of your video. This way the character can fit whatever specifications you desire. The theme and tone of your video will determine the right kind of spokesperson for the piece.
  3. The Platform: Are you looking for a spokesperson to appear on your website or in a video? How much of the person do you want to show? Full-length? From the waist, up? A floating head? How you want the spokesperson to appear in the video will determine whether you need to film the video in front of a green screen, on-location, or with a specific background.

Finding the Face

When it comes to casting professional talent to act as your spokesperson, you will need to consider the daily rate for utilizing their services. The cost will depend on the length of time needed to film as well as the amount of experience the talent has. Spokesperson talent is available through a variety of online databases and personal websites that contain demo reels.

Professional Talent for Web Video Production

Not only does Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) have a state-of-the-art film studio in-house, but there is a wide range of professional spokes talent available through the DDA Actors’ Network (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2). DDA Video can film the talent in front of green screen and edit them with a variety of backgrounds, including a blank background perfect for fitting the talent into your website. DDA Video has also worked with a variety of talent who become the spokesperson for commercials, sales and educational videos, virtual medical simulations, and more. If you need the right spokesperson for your video, take a look at the talent available through DDA and contact us to learn more.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clip art