Put Your Best Booth Forward with Video

Trade shows can attract thousands of people. You have one booth to make an impression. How are you going to grab attention and entice trade show attendees to stick around and find out more about your company? Try a video. The more senses you stimulate in a person, the more invested he or she becomes. Having something visually appealing that pleases the ear as well and sparks the imagination will certainly help gain the attention you want at a crowded trade show.

Trade show videos not only need to be visually and aurally engaging; they also need to be informative so others can learn about what your company offers. Don’t let the message get lost in fancy visual effects. There is a way to find a balance and get the results you desire. Include a video spokesperson who will connect with viewers and involve them in the conversation. Add visual effects that put the viewer inside the video while learning important information. Get creative, but be informative.

Trade Show Video Production Services

In order to make your trade show booth display shine, seek the assistance of a professional corporate video production team. Bring your idea for a marketing video to experts who know how to balance information and interest in one concise video. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has produced trade show videos for a variety of clients. Whether introducing a medical device or a manufacturing company, DDA can help bring your trade show booth to life with video graphics and sound. DDA’s staff of degreed writers, designers, and videographers are all experienced in video scripting, storyboarding, animation, and motion graphics that will add an element to your video which trade show attendees will remember. DDA can deliver a custom trade show video that will put your booth on the trade show map. Contact DDA to learn more.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart