Restore Your Website

As I was cleaning out my basement this weekend, I came across one of my old drum sets. I had “saved” this kit from a local high school just before it was about to be thrown out. Whew! What a waste that would have been. Of course there was a reason why it was being thrown away; it was old with dirty shells and mismatching hardware. What the music department didn’t realize is that it’s a 1960-70′s vintage jazz kit, something a lot of drummers would love to get their hands on.

Restoring drums can be quite a process. After stripping the drum down to the wood, you have to sandpaper, prime, paint, paint again, paint (yet) again, add several coats of gloss treatment,  and finish by cleaning up the hardware with steel wool and metal polisher. It might be a lot of work but the finished product makes it well worth it!

This sort of reminds me of our new website restoration service called Apple Savvy. In addition to improving your existing website through content development, website usability, marketing analysis and metrics, our mobile web service can make sure your site is compatible on any mobile device like the iPad or iPhone. Now that more and more users are accessing the internet via 3G and WiFi, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to reach out to more visitors. Add that extra shine and make your site worth more with Apple Savvy!