RLS is not VLE or VMS

Seems like everything medical these days is a 3 letter acronym for something. I read an article recently about a firm whose main business was creating 3 word catch titles for diseases. Their work was commissioned by Big Pharma and no doubt most often later supported by extensive Direct To Consumer (DTC) advertising campaigns. Apparently, there is nothing in medical advertising as catchy as 3 word titles for diseases few have heard of but many could have. RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome is one of the more recognizable success stories.

Of more interest to DDA Medical is another pair of Acronyms, VLE and VMS. Virtual Learning Environments and Virtual Medical Simulations, while not quite as catchy as Restless Leg Syndrome, their impact on real world diseases and treatments and their ability to maximize physician training budgets and physician knowledge levels and skill sets cannot be overstated. Unlike the typical Learning Management System (LMS), a virtual training/learning environment or a virtual medical simulation is the single most effective and cost effective tool a medical school or healthcare facility can have to teach, share and enable clinicians across all specialties.

It is somewhat ironic that a Virtual Experience can have more real world impact than a real-world disease title. So despite DTC and LMS, a VMS or VLE from DDA is more than AOK.