3D Animation… IN 3 D!!!

On Sunday I’ll be attending another live streaming webinar with the Spinquad community, this time focusing on 3D stereoscopic rendering in 3D animated films. Stereoscopic 3D is that old-school, red-and-blue-glasses, pop-out-of-the-screen stuff that was so popular in 50′s drive-ins and mid-90′s DisneyWorld rides.

Nowadays, 3D stereoscopic is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. 3D studios like Pixar and Dreamworks are putting everything out in 3D in select theaters. Its popular too! The technology is also getting better; at this year’s CES, a company was even showing off a television that achieved stereoscopic projection without the use of 3D glasses!

I’ve always wanted to try rendering something in stereoscopic, but the process has always seemed pretty complicated. I’m hoping this webinar can teach me a thing or two about it, and maybe even a few other things about rendering 3D scenes in Lightwave and other 3D packages.