A Blending of Things!

Earlier in the weekend I re-watched one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies, Thunderbolt. Actually, it probably is my favorite, and it’s hard to tell you exactly why. It’s about a mechanic/race car driver/martial artist who works with the Hong Kong police to catch a dangerous German street racer, only to have his sisters kidnapped in what is to me one of the more chilling sequences in any action film I have seen. To rescue them, he has to go head to head with the street racer in an action-packed battle of wits and reflexes. It sounds pretty cheesy on paper, but they do a really good job of mixing up the pacing and keeping things fresh throughout. Between writing that really showcases the well-developed characters, Jackie Chan’s signature hand-to-hand martial arts, amazingly choreographed races and auto stunts, and classic Hong-Kong style gun-fu battles tend to keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is a really interesting concept for a movie, I guess; while it is a kung-fu/action flick, it is also a racing/action movie, which I guess is why I like it so much? It’s just a cool story overall, I think, but the expert blend of the two different action genres is what really sells it. What is it they say about peanut butter and chocolate? Two great tastes that go great together? I guess it’s the same with Cars and Kung-fu.

It’s also the same at Dynamic Digital Advertising, with DDA’s 7 divisions. We’ve got DDA leading the way in Corporate Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century, DDA Medical, which handles Medical Marketing as well as interactive training tools for doctors and patients, and DDA Video, which creates video content, interactive videos for the web, interactive flash training tools and games, and all sorts of media for the modern age.

We’ve also got DDA Apps, creating integrated and innovative interactive applications, widgets, intranet applications, CRM software, and really anything else to meet our clients’ software needs. Let’s not forget our award-winning DDA SEM, which stands for Search Engine Marketing, something that we excel at. We’re so good, in fact, that we were awarded as one of the top ten (out of hundreds of thousands) most dependable Search Engine Marketing firms in the U.S. by Goldline Research.

That brings us to DDA USA, a division which “specializes in United States marketing and advertising for companies based overseas and across the border, and offers the same extensive line of services, but with the objective of turning your organization’s potential into substantial returns in the United States.”

Oh, and did I mention there are 7 divisions? Finally there’s DDA CMT, which focuses on creating the interactive online and CD-ROM-based training tools and software that your business or medical company needs to succeed.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, like a great Jackie Chan movie that expertly blends a bunch of sub-genres that are all related by the overarching genre of “Action Film”,  DDA expertly blends a whole host of divisions that, when applied to your business or medical organization, can truly take you into high gear.