A Glimpse at the Future of Gaming (and Video Conferencing!)

This week is E3, the Electronics Entertainment Expo, and so far it’s a hailstorm of cool gaming- and technology-related news (you know I love my tech!). One of the more intriguing things to come out of Monday’s Microsoft E3 Press Conference was Microsoft’s proposed new peripheral, Project Natal.

The peripheral is a small box that is attached to an Xbox 360 and sits in front of or on top of your TV. It reads the motion of your body in 3D space, recognizes faces and voices, and captures and transmits video. If it really can do stuff like this, or this, I’m officially interested.

At DDA, we do a lot of live streaming video webcasts via the Internet. What Microsoft seems to be doing here is bringing the technology that makes streaming video conferencing possible home to the masses, and I applaud that. I think it was 1up.com blogger Garnett Lee, covering the event, who said this looks like some “wild future stuff.” It’s spot-on. In the future, our homes will all have streaming video conferencing accessible anytime, with a camera that can recognize multiple people in the room and distinguish each face, as well as individual voices and voice commands, and we will play games using our bodies as the controllers. What’s crazy to me, though, is that this will be happening in the next couple of years. Wow!