A High Resolution World

Rendering high resolution images out of a 3D program such as Lightwave or 3D Studio Max can be a trial in patience.

Once you are sure all of the images are set up correctly, you have to click render and wait hours before you see a result. While there are previews you can enable which show you the rendered images as they process, on a single processor this is hardly ideal. This is because the processing power it takes to show the image detracts from the power available to render it. So, while it is good to preview your images, your best bet is to do a preliminary render at a low resolution, and then re-render the exact same thing at a higher resolution when ready.

The hardest part while rendering is waiting. In most 3D programs (and especially in Lightwave) you can do nothing else within the program while a render is processing. While you can use other programs to accomplish work, depending on your CPU speed you may experience a lot of slowdown. This will lead to increased render time and, occasionally (and worst of all), a system crash may occur. A mid-render crash is the absolute nightmare of a 3D animator since all the progress made on that rendered image is lost. If you’re doing an animation, unless you are saving frame-by-frame image sequences (as we at DDA always do), you’ll lose all progress in the animation, too.

While it is a taxing venture, rendering high-quality 3D images is something we take pride in here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. We work hard to provide clients with the best 3D images possible, to be used in animation, print advertising, television, or on the web. Whatever it is you need, let DDA render it!