Today after work I’ll be driving to Rutgers to pick my brother up for Thanksgiving. He just moved to the Main campus on College Ave, so my route to go get him will be changing a bit. There’s more traffic getting to the main campus, but its also a bit simpler, too, so it should even out. He moved there to be closer to all of his classes, as well as the library and computer labs (he is practically living on top of them now.)

Whether you’re studying in college or working on a 3d medical animation for a client here at DDA, it’s important to have easy access to all the things you need to get the job done. At work, I have constant internet access in case I need to be able to look up reference video, source images for texturing, archived emails, or tutorials to get around particularly tricky 3D issues.

We can also access our vast array of source books here in the office, with topics ranging from everything to do with HTML to Flash animation techniques and network coding.

Food is something that no one, college student or DDA worker, can live without. That’s why we’ve also got quick and easy access to our very own kitchen, which more often than not contains all sorts of tasty treats brought in by the DDA Staff (thanks for the awesome raisin bread, Laurence!)

And for clients, too, we provide stellar access directly to our professional staff, making it easier than ever to monitor your project as it develops and provide feedback where needed. Just contact us for a quote and you can get started today!