Animating? Use Storyboards!

When creating a new animation from scratch, probably the hardest part after the initial concept phase is the Storyboard. While animation can be difficult from a technical standpoint, it is in the storyboarding phase that a project actually takes its first steps towards becoming a full-fledged animated piece.

Storyboarding creates the foundation that the entire animation is based on. Whether it be 2d flash animation, 2d traditional, 3d animation, or any other type, it all starts with a storyboard. This important first stage lets you block out your characters’ positions before you begin animating, allowing you to see what works, and potentially saving you hours and hours in re-doing the animation.

So no matter what animation you are working on, remember that it is of the utmost importance to have at least a rudimentary storyboard as a guide. With a plan in hand, creating cohesive, quality animation is made much easier.