Auto Updates Make It Easy

Last week, I may have mentioned that I was installing a new hard drive on my home PC, and that the process messed up my current Windows install. After getting the hardware connected properly, I went ahead and re-installed Windows XP Pro on my home machine, overwriting the corrupt copy. Most of my other documents and files remained intact on the drive, but my full Windows folder, all my software, and plugins were overwritten.

While it is a good idea to “clean out the fridge” every once in a while, the current install was only a few months old. I had just finished installing all the latest versions of iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Flash Player on that machine, but now any time I want to view video content on the web or play an interactive game in Flash, it seems I’m reinstalling new drivers.

I guess it’s not a huge problem, though, since the permeation of broadband Internet allows most content to come with scripts allowing the automatic download and install of the software required to view it. Thinking about it that way, it’s actually really cool that all I have to do is try to use a piece of interactive media and the Internet will make sure I have everything I need.

That very functionality actually makes things much easier on the coders and web developers here at DDA, too.  Whenever we use a tool to create interactive media like video, Flash interactives, interactive training tools, games, interactive websites, or any other kind of interactive web software, we can have code that makes it super easy for the user to actually interact with that content. When it comes to interactive media, ease of use is key, and DDA guarantees that your clients, customers, or trainees will be able to use and enjoy any interactive software we develop.