Behave, Lightwave!

Every once in a while, 3D software that you know and love will begin to hiccup. When this happens, it is important to maintain a level head. Yesterday when Lightwave 3D began acting up on me, dropping textures and refusing to render within the boundaries of the Limited Region render box I had set (instead it was arbitrarily picking a spot 50-100 pixels away and rendering that,) I had to fight to resist the urge to headbutt the computer. Instead, I walked into Vinnie’s office and ranted a little bit while my PC restarted; upon rebooting, things worked as they should and life returned to normal. Sometimes all you need is some time apart to reflect and repair the relationship!

Despite the issues, my renders are for the most part coming out well. We are working on a series of stills set within a hand-crafted and very specific 3D environment. Its exciting to think that we’re now working on projects with an approach very similar to what the Star Wars prequels were doing for the past 10 years. With fully keyed and realistic looking video and photo compositing over high-fidelity, client customized 3D environments, we are truly able to have our actors and models go anywhere we need them.

As long as Lightwave continues to behave, that is! As I told Vinnie yesterday, sometimes I wish I could make Lightwave manifest as an anthropomorphic version of itself, just so we could step outside and have “words.” I wonder how it would look? I would imagine it would be the Lightwave logo, but with little hands and feet, and maybe some googly eyes at the top? I’d feel bad then, if it were too cute, about wanting to punch it in the face… but I’m sure it would never actually come to blows. I’d probably just give it a stern talking to, then put my arm around it and walk it back inside, telling it how much I love it.