Being Creative!

One of the core concepts taught to me as a grade-schooler was creativity. “Be creative in all you do!” was a mantra that was ingrained in me and my classmates from our youth (thanks Wall Township school system!). More and more, people are being raised and taught to “think outside the box,” to solve issues as they arrive rather than always having a pre-set book of solutions and answers.

At DDA, my job entails quite a few different things. I work on 3D animation, 3D modeling, 2D Flash animation, Flash coding, web design, and even a little bit of storyboarding. However, among all these different things, there is a common skill which is totally imperative — creativity.

Every person here at DDA is an extremely talented and creative individual in their respective fields. Whether it’s coming up with creative ways to integrate search engine optimization, inventing solutions to keep the file size down on a website design, or working hard on a network solution for distributed rendering, at DDA creativity is a must. What’s so cool about it is that our creativity and open-mindedness helps us work together between departments by allowing us to remain open to new ideas from our co-workers. A writer’s suggestion on a video can at times be just as valuable as a long-time video producer. A 3D modeler’s comments about the colors used in a design might be just the key comment that a designer needs to complete that fresh composition. We all of us may work in different specialties, but we all share the common creative energy that makes DDA the most innovative and unique digital media company in the Philadelphia area.