Belmar MS Walk 2008 A Rousing Success!

This past weekend, I took part in a fund raising walk to benefit Multiple Sclerosis patients and their families. In the weeks prior, I had a sign up sheet here by my desk so co-workers could donate money or pledges for the walk. Thanks to the generous donations of my co-workers here at DDA, I raised over $100 and got myself a t-shirt! My reward was short lived, however.

My brother, having raised over $500, did not receive a shirt since he put the money up online and did not have cash to donate at the event. They will mail him a shirt, however, since it was cold that morning he decided to snag mine as an extra layer. Needless to say, the shirt remains in his custody to this very day. (dun dun DUNNN!)

But, he deserved it. He put together a team that, as a group, raised over $1500 for the National MS Society. Thanks to his efforts, and the generosity of people like my co-workers at DDA, the National MS Society can have another successful year helping people with MS and their families. Thanks DDA!