Breakfast of Champions

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A balanced breakfast (or even just having a breakfast at all) can help you feel more alert and less drowsy during the morning hours, and contribute to a better diet all day long.

On Mondays here at DDA David and Elizabeth treat us all to free bagels in the kitchen, which promotes the philosophy of a good breakfast even if we don’t get the time to eat at home before work. Even if I don’t partake all the time (I do so love my Kashi cereal & SportsCenter when I wake up!) its great to know that if I miss this important meal, I can always have something to fall back on.

Getting a quote from DDA is like the “breakfast” stage to your next corporate, marketing, or medical training tool. Its the first step to a balanced project, which will then be further enhanced by a dynamic and interactive pre-production process involving planning, scriptwriting and storyboarding.

From there, its lunch time, where production can begin on your interactive web training tool, interactive marketing website, flash or 3D video game, information brochure, graphic user interface, flash integrated video, television commercial, or…well, whatever you can dream up!

Finally, we have dinner,when your project is approved and ready for post-production. We’ll put on the finishing touches, produce a gold master CD-ROM with your project, and even burn it to DVD or BLU-RAY for your next big meeting, trade show or event!

What’s for dessert, you ask? Why, sitting back and enjoying the rewards of a successful partnership with DDA, of course!