Buyer’s Remorse

Occasionally, I will have a few extra bucks and decide to buy a game on a whim, sight unseen. I don’t do this often, but occasionally I like to take the chance. Several weeks ago, I took a shot with Prototype, an open-world superhero (supervillian?) game in which you are a genetic experiment gone awry, and must wreak havoc all across New York City until you find out who made you into the monster you’ve become.

I won’t lie — the game was pretty awesome at first. Despite the fact that my Xbox kept overheating and shutting itself down every hour or so (I really have to get that thing repaired), it was a good time running straight up building faces, throwing cars at helicopters, and generally making a mess. You can even transform into a clone of ordinary citizens or military personnel, confusing the enemy and allowing you to escape hairy situations.

However, after a bit, it did start to get old. There’s really not much story there. For an interactive environment as deep and entertaining as it is, there’s a really terrible storyline struggling in vain to hold it all together.

It’s not often that I get buyer’s remorse when it comes to games, but it goes to show why I usually read up on a game first, either on game websites or in gaming magazines. If I can, I also try to at least play the demo, if not rent the game first. Prototype would have been an excellent rental; but as a $60 game, I’m not sure I can justify it. Well, I guess I can always trade it in toward another game. Goozex account, here I come!

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