Catching the Late Show

Tomorrow night I plan to pick up my brother from New Jersey and take him and my girlfriend to the midnight screening of The Dark Knight, the new Batman movie, which comes out on the 18th. I’m really excited for it – from what I read, hear, and see on TV, The Dark Knight combines the best of Batman Begins with movies like The Godfather Part II and Heat into one awesome film.

It’s interesting to think that entertainment media can be so compelling as to attract moviegoers at midnight to a screening of a film. And i’ts not just people without jobs or kids; adults and students who have work or school the next day often take the following day off to make up for their lack of sleep after attending a midnight show. The same for video games; many popular games also have Midnight Releases, when people line up to grab their reserved copies of the game early. In places like Times Square, New York, they usually turn into huge events, with employees distributing freebies and celebrities as well as the games’ developers making guest appearances. So what is it about these movies and games that makes people line up so late? They are works of art, and they are highly entertaining and engaging.

I like to think that in a way, what we work on here at DDA is just as exciting. If many of our graphic design, video, and animation projects were displayed in a theater or museum at a premiere late night show, I would certainly attend. Given the right marketing, (something DDA does very well, I might add,) I am certain that a show like that would attract many others as well, from industry professionals to clients to casual observers, and everyone in between.