Challenge Your Challenges

Well, I got towed last night. Waking up and having to go to work only to walk outside and find your car gone is just about one of the worst feelings in the world. After a cab ride to southwest Philadelphia and a good hour wait until the tow office opened up, I finally managed to make it into work.

It always seems like there are little problems like these in life that are designed to get in the way.  I prefer to view them as challenges to be overcome. For instance, the money I had to spend on my tow fee is balanced by the fact that I worked at my part-time side job this past weekend. Lucky for me, but even if I hadn’t had that little extra I’m sure I would have figured something out.

Challenges are present in every aspect of life. As a gamer, I am very familiar with challenge as a method of entertainment. Overcoming a high score, beating a difficult boss, or finding all the secret items in a level are all examples of gamer challenges that are encountered frequently, for fun, by gamers like me. Work is another source of challenge. At DDA, my co-workers and I run into a huge variety of them every day, and in this fast-paced business they all need to be met head-on. Meeting a particularly tight copywriting deadline can be a headache-inducing nightmare, but DDA’s team of professional writers get it done on a daily basis. Creating ten different website designs as options for our clients, only to scrap nine of them in favor of their favorite may sound frustrating, but our talented graphic designers and webmasters are glad for the learning experience. And while meticulously hand-animating a mask in a video production project only to have the program crash and lose all your work may be reason enough to throw your computer through a wall, our expert VP crew can take it and say “At least for the next time, I know how to do it.”

At DDA, we meet our challenges face-to-face, and I believe it’s important that you should too. Whether in life, for fun, or at work – confronting and overcoming challenges is the key to a successful, productive life or business.