Check Your Work (Even if it’s a Hamburger)

Ah, summertime. With Memorial Day and the official onset of the summer, I did a little barbecuing (is that a word?) at my girlfriend’s parents’ house on Sunday. All-in-all, I did well — there were only two complaints about red burgers (and, in my opinion, only one of those was actually red). It’s funny how we can think something is done right because, on the outside, it looks fine, but when you get real close and nitpicky you discover that it’s not quite as high quality as you’d initially thought.

That’s an analogy, by the way, and it shows why at DDA we have an extensive proofing process for all of our projects. After all, we’re only human, and people are prone to make mistakes. We can also fix them. At DDA, we make sure every bit of work we produce gets checked and double checked (and triple checked!) by our expert staff of writers, as well as our designers and department heads. Whether it’s a 3D animation incorporating motion graphics including keywords, website search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization, a Flash coding project for a virtual medical office, an animation detailing the complicated processes involved in eye surgery, or any number of other things, we always have people checking at every stage in the process to ensure accuracy as well as an uncanny attention to detail.

Now if I only had professional DDA proofers watching my hamburgers…