Clash of the Entertainment Titans

Disney bought Marvel? WHAT!?

This is an announcement that is sure to send shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Marvel owned by Disney… it makes a lot of sense, and at the same time simultaneously induces fear and terror in the Marvel faithful (the “True Believers” if you will, of which I am one.)

Will Disney allow Marvel writers to continue to go all out on their characters, or will they become neutered husks of their former selves, stripped of all interesting human drama and creative spark just to be packaged, marketed and sold to children? I doubt it will be that dramatic a change, but over time I can see Marvel (comics at least) losing a lot of their only recently re-acquired “edge.”

As happens any time a large company takes over another one (almost) just as large, there will be changes. There is a lot of bureaucracy along the corporate ladder, and trying to neatly merge two of those bureaucracies together is like trying to actually merge together two physical ladders simply by pushing them together.

There are times I’m really glad that I don’t work at a massive corporation like that; as many people will tell you, DDA is “just the right size.” We’re not small by any means – with almost two decades in the business of marketing and advertising, we’ve been around. But we’re not so big that we don’t know the people who work in the office across from us, or are unfamiliar with our boss’ face. In fact, David and Elizabeth take a personal interest in the welfare and well-being of each and every single employee here. So it really takes a lot of the stress off; we can do our writing, 3D modeling, animation, programming, filming, video editing, or anything else without worry. If there is a problem with a project or a concern, we can express our opinions directly without jumping through any of the corporate hoops that are likely set up in both Disney’s and Marvel’s bureaucracies (after the merger, those hoops are now on fire, I’m sure.) A salute, then, in appreciation for mid-size businesses like DDA, treating both employees and clients like real people rather than cogs in a machine!