Communication and Marketing in the 21st Century

Last night I was watching an episode of 30 Rock online on NBC’s site, where the protagonist Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is talking to a teenage girl about her boyfriend not contacting her. The girl remarked that she couldn’t reach him via phone, IM, text, or video chat. “At least he could have the decency to Skype me face-to-face,” she complained dejectedly, which prompted Lemon to reply, “There are so many ways nowadays for a guy not to call you. When I was your age you could just say ‘Oh, he probably tried to call but my line was busy.’”

The web is quickly replacing television as the place to watch shows, and communication via the Internet is faster than ever. Communication has come a long way in the last decade, and businesses have to focus on alternate forms of media to survive. That’s where Dynamic Digital Advertising comes in.

DDA specializes in  web marketing plans for any company or business. We can create online information sites, graphic advertising, commercials, banner ads, animations, video, online shopping carts, and anything else you might need. We also have extensive knowledge and experience working with the medical field in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area creating 3D and Flash training tools, online interactive tests and training programs, and orientation and informational videos for students and patients. So if you need to join the 21st Century of Marketing and Communication, look no further than DDA and DDA Medical!