Current Inspirations — Fallout 3 Edition

Well, Fallout 3 came out yesterday. No big deal, its only the game I’ve been waiting 10 years for!! I got the collector’s edition, so there’s an awesome Vault Boy bobblehead sitting on my desk now. I also got a nifty lunchbox!

I spent all of last night playing. I’m not very far, but the game seems massive in scale. It takes place in an irradiated post-war Washington D.C., almost 300 years in the future. I’ve only explored the first two towns so far, one a small village called Arefu (built upon a decrepit exit ramp, and so named because of the faded highway sign nearby that used to read “CAREFUL”) and the other town, Megaton, a thriving town built around the crater of a fallen, unexploded atomic bomb. In my few hours of play, I uncovered an underground clan of cannibals who had chosen to relabel themselves “Vampires,” irradiated myself for  a crazy woman’s experiments (I was rewarded with a nifty little genetic mutation!) and even defused the atomic bomb sitting in the center square of Megaton.

The game is all about a free, open world, but I have to say that the story and scriptwriting is top notch as well. Your character’s father, voiced by Liam Neeson, is incredibly believable, not only from the voice acting but from the convincing way he was written. The characters, the plot and the flavor text are all masterful examples of writing that really serve to enhance the play experience and draw me into the game.

Playing last night, I couldn’t help comparing the art assets to my own 3D modeling work here at DDA. The modeling itself was decent, and the texturing was top-notch. This was especially impressive when you consider the massive scale of the game.  Also, the Pip-Boy 3000 user interface, a wrist mounted device that was an actual in-game 3D model with animated, interactive texturing, gave me some ideas for my own work that incorporates Shockwave 3D and Flash elements.

This is the reason I love to play games. Video games were my inspiration for becoming an animator, and whenever I play a new one I invariably find some new inspiration to incorporate into my work. As long as the video game industry keeps making them, I’ll keep playing them, and I’ll continue to infuse my creative energy into all of my 3D animation, 2D Flash animation, coding, design and even writing here at DDA.