DDA Archives – Won’t you Back That Thing Up?

The last Thursday of every month is Archive Day here at DDA, and so I’m backing up my work. It’s always a great idea to have multiple copies of everything floating around, just in case you lose one of your storage devices, so you’ll never have to start over from scratch.

You never know when a hard drive might break down, or a CD-ROM will get misplaced. Heck, last month it happened to me; my main hard drive went a little crazy and stopped loading USB devices. Then it blue-screened and wouldn’t reboot windows. I would have lost months of work that I couldn’t afford to lose, but I was saved by the almighty external drive, to which I had backed up the whole project just the night before.

That’s why I try to keep my work in at least three separate places; internal HDD, external hard drive, and CD-ROM backup. That way even if I lose one I’ll still have two other backups to count on. I back up everything I’ve worked on every day to my external drive, and on Archive Day I transfer completed and long-in-progress projects to CD-ROMS to be safely stored away in the extensive DDA Archives. 3D renders, models, animations, images, designs, web interactives, interactive media, interactive games, flash code, videos, entire corporate and medical websites — all can be safely stored and backed up, and should be! You never know when you might have an HDD Meltdown!!

HDD Meltdown