DDA – Bringing High Quality Live Streaming Video to You!

Streaming high-definition, full-length video on the web is a relatively new technology, with the huge amounts of bandwidth necessary for it having only recently become available in many places in the US. Now that there is an infrastructure for it, though, live webcasts, video conferencing, and streaming web video have become great methods for communication for classrooms and businesses, along with medical training.

Today, DDA went to Tampa, Florida to host a live webcast that went out to remote locations all over the country. Our Video Production lead, Laurence; and our expert IT, Network, and Programming guru, Tyler, are on-site to oversee the operation. DDA has software and infrastructure in place to make live streaming webcasts an easy-to-reach possibility for any business or medical organization, any time, anywhere.

As an animator, the technology we’re using is a little beyond my scope. But having seen it in action, silky smooth high quality video streaming beside a live taping during a server stress-test, with live question and answer functionality, believe me when I say that DDA truly has mastered the art of live streaming webcasts and on demand streaming video services!