DDA Creates Interactive Media that is All-Access!

I believe I’ve used this space before to praise The Hunter, a free-to-play, fully featured, 3D hunting sim by Avalanche Interactive. It’s part of a new wave of fully featured, online, totally free interactive games that are gaining momentum across the Internet. Quake Live, Battlefield Heroes, and Free Realms are just a few of the more popular examples.

Each of these fully featured online interactive games utilizes a quick install (with Quake Live even running directly in your browser window!). They’re also interesting because the idea with each is to allow a large variety of user types running all sorts of different hardware to play, with minimal tweaking and setup. This differs greatly from the approach that PC games have taken in the past, and is probably due in large part to the success of World of Warcraft’s minimalist (but still beautiful) art style.

When we’re creating online interactives, interactive games, and interactive media at DDA, we’re taking the same steps as these big game companies to ensure that users with all sorts of hardware setups can effectively use and view the content. Whether that means testing on a variety of machines, from the highest-end Mac to a decade-old home computer running Windows 98, or writing backup code on our online interactives that allow for the older operating systems and browsers, we want to make sure everyone gets to view and interact with our media.