DDA Services: A Combination That Works Well Together

Last weekend, on Sunday, I went with a friend to Philadelphia’s annual Cherry Blossom festival in Fairmount Park. You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day, either — the sun was shining, it was 65 degrees, and there was a nice constant breeze cooling everything off. Probably my favorite thing to watch was the Japanese Taiko Drum demonstration. The drummers used dynamic positions of the drums and worked in unison to create really visceral beats that were invigorating and entertaining. It’s almost like music and dance combined, as not only do the drummers need to be perfectly synced in the routine, but also they must simultaneously combine shouts and poses to complete the performance. The combination of all these things is what makes Taiko drumming a unique and really entertaining art form that has existed for centuries.

At DDA and DDA Medical, we too use a unique combination of marketing, customer service and expert design and production to create corporate and medical projects for clients in all industries. We have no less than seven services that we combine to bring you the excellent marketing and advertising we’ve specialized in for years.

DDA is an all-encompassing entity, combining all these services to make a truly Dynamic marketing powerhouse. DDA Medical specializes in medical applications, websites and training tools. DDA Video creates unique videos, as well as 3D and Flash animations and interactives for any occasion. DDA Apps works with clients to create client or server side applications with expert programming skills and uniquely creative solutions. DDA CMT specializes in Corporate and Medical training tools for clients’ employees and students. DDA SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and employs the most advanced web programming to make our clients’ presence on the web known. And DDA USA offers true US marketing to foreign firms looking to expand their business. With all these services working in unison, its no wonder so many companies and medical organizations look to DDA whenever they need anything related to marketing, design, programming, video, animation, copywriting, and more!