DDA Video Sounds Great!

I picked up a new game yesterday with a Target gift card that I have had since my birthday (I’d forgotten that I had it — late birthday presents for the win!). The game is called Dead Space, a new property from Electronic Arts that seems destined to become a franchise. The production values in this game are incredible, but the thing that struck me as most impressive is the game’s sound design.

For a game about a derelict spaceship that’s been infested by undead crew, Dead Space needs to have some pretty good visuals in order to keep up the atmosphere. It succeeds at this, and when you combine it with the amazing sound design, you get a totally immersive, dark, dank environment that sounds and feels real.

In video production, just like in games, sound design is as important an element as anywhere else. A super high-quality spokesperson video is worth nothing if you can’t understand what is being said. Bad sound editing can ruin a commercial video. And low-budget recording equipment can put off potential clients by giving the appearance that your company can’t afford high-quality equipment.

At DDA Video, we use top-of-the-line audio recording equipment when recording video to ensure the highest fidelity possible. From boom mics to lavaliers, shotguns to omnidirectionals, we have it all. Not only that, our experienced Video Production department has the tools and the training to use that equipment right. So our clients receive not only a professionally filmed, expertly edited video, but also high-fidelity, superior quality sound. At DDA, we want to ensure that all aspects of our produced videos are of the highest grade available in the Philadelphia area. Next time your company or small business needs high quality video content, remember — DDA Video looks and sounds great!