DDA’s Medical Pedigral…er, Pedigree

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of 3D work here at DDA, which is something I’m grateful for. I really feel like I’m in my element when I’m working on 3D animation and modeling. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve learned a lot about Flash ActionScript, coding, programming and HTML while I’ve worked at DDA, and those things can be fun in their own way – but 3D animation is definitely what I have the most fun doing.

Of all the 3D projects I’ve worked on so far, my favorite has to be the training video we created for TraumaCure’s military-grade blood-clotting product, WoundStat. We modeled two soldiers, one wounded and one optimal, and animated the soldiers applying the product to the wound both with a buddy and to themselves. It was really cool to work on something that would eventually be viewed by medics and U.S. soldiers, and it even got airtime on Fox News!

I’m working right now on another awesome 3D medical animation, something I can’t talk about quite yet but is almost certainly going to make headlines for its breakthrough usage of technology as an innovative medical training tool. Keep an eye out on our DDA Medical page for more work from me and the rest of the DDA Video department!