DDA’s Savvy Conversions

The holiday weekend came and went, and I managed to discover a new shade of red for my skin. But while I forgot to apply my sunscreen when running around on the beach this weekend, I was noticing how many people brought their iPads™, iPhones™ and other mobile touch devices to the beach with them.

The mobile market is booming, with Apple leading the charge. Obviously, then, it is beneficial for a company to have a website that is properly formatted for an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen. There is a problem here, though; if you have a Flash-based site, it is by default not compatible at all with Apple devices. That means any Flash on any page will need to be converted to Apple friendly code – something that can be both difficult and tedious. Fear not, however, because at DDA we’ve made it our goal to bring this very useful conversion service to you!

DDA’s AppleSavvy program will help companies of all sizes maintain a strong presence on the mobile internet. From format conversion to complete Flash-to-HTML overhauls, DDA aims to keep you competitive in the mobile market and beyond!