Dear NewTek; Patch Particles, Please!

I’ve been playing around for a while with Lightwave 3D’s particle systems for a medical project we are working on, and man does that program have some quirks with its plugins. I ran into an issue last week where the particles I had created would simply stop rendering after a certain frame in the animation (I think it was around frame 76 or so.) Apparently I was the first one on the internet to have this problem; If you do a Google search for “lightwave particles disappear,” my post in the NewTek Forums is the first result you get.

As mentioned in that post, I think I solved the problem. It appears that Lightwave has a weird quirk where whatever particle emitter you create first dictates the total number of particles allowed to be displayed in the scene. As soon as I deleted the “insert” emitter, my particles rendered again! Weird, but I guess that’s the nature of an ever-changing 3D software package like Lightwave. Hopefully someone at NewTek notices my post on their forums (or this beautifully web-optimized DDA Blog :P ) and this issue gets addressed in future core updates!