Diversity in Software, Unity in Services

Sometimes, having so many 3D modeling and animation tools out there is a blessing; many programs are specialized to do certain types of job really well. For instance, in my opinion, 3D Studio Max is great for modeling, while Lightwave 3D has tools that facilitate easy rigging and animation. On the other hand, though, having so many different 3D programs can be a nightmare when trying to coordinate compatible file types with whichever programs you have access to. Usually you end up needing a third-party converter, which, while it may actually work, can also screw up the model a bit and usually requires a lot of tweaking and editing to get it back to normal. This is fine, but you need to make sure that when doing these edits, your budget allows for it. Something to keep in mind for all the 3D modelers and animators out there.

If I am creating a model, though, I always make sure I save a copy of the final original model to a file format that can be easily converted. This way, if DDA ever needs to use that model again, we’ll have quick access to it in Lightwave or whatever other programs are out there. While it would be awesome to have just one simple 3D software suite that can handle just about anything, each program is just too specialized, and I’m not sure if it’s even possible to put all the different functionalities of all the software that’s out there into one interface. I guess something like Adobe’s software suites would work, with different programs handling different aspects of the media, but do we really need another software monopoly? (Just kidding, we love you Adobe!)

Anyway, it’s fine as long as developers can keep updating their software to include compatibilities with older models and models from other programs.  And as our software keeps evolving, so should our industry. That’s why we use cutting edge techniques here at DDA to keep in touch with our clients. Live streaming conference calls, webcasting services, and streamed to web video shoots that our clients can watch in real time are now all part of our repertoire. We also offer great 2D animation services, as well as graphic design, programming, website design, and scriptwriting. So while there may be an amalgam of different 3D programs out there for animators to use, DDA keeps all of its services under one roof!