Driving From Jersey

Due to recent craziness, I’ve had to move temporarily from the place I had just moved to (in Philadelphia) back to my dad’s place in New Jersey. It’s not just over the river, either – it’s all the way east, by the shore.

My brother and I spent all day yesterday driving, loading a U-Haul, driving again, unloading the U-Haul, and driving one more time to drop the U-Haul off. After ten sweaty hours of work, we drove right over to the ocean and jumped directly in. I haven’t been able to spontaneously decide to do that since I lived back there, almost 6 years ago! (Well at least if I had, it would have been as spontaneous as driving an hour to get there, as opposed to 2 minutes.)

This morning I drove in from there, and I was expecting a horribly long commute, but to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. There wasn’t much traffic, and while I did get a bit lost finding Route 1 South in Trenton, (thanks to Route 1 Business being in the way to confuse me,) I had left almost a half hour earlier than I needed to, I still managed to make it with ten minutes to spare. Basically my commute now is only 15 minutes longer than it was from Philadelphia!

Although moving again was such a last minute thing, and I only asked for Tuesday off on Monday (so basically the day before I had to take off,) David and Elizabeth were totally understanding and supportive. Since I started at DDA over a year ago, I’ve really been floored by how much they care about us employees here. I think that kind of support is really lacking in the managerial structure of a lot of businesses, because they don’t find it cost effective or “necessary.” David and Elizabeth, and all the people here, definitely follow the philosophy that happy workers are good workers. And they’re right! The awesome work environment we have is directly correlated with the care and support we are able to show our clients and their advertising, marketing or design projects. Whether you need illustration, design, animation, video production, scriptwriting, website design or any number of other things digital, know that Dynamic Digital Advertising will be there!