Everybody’s Workin’ After the Weekend

I had a great weekend!

That’s something you hear people say all the time, but rarely is it true to the extent that it was for me this past weekend. Most of the time, the weekend is the time for us to regenerate from the work week, hang out with some friends, go to a movie, or catch up on some house work. For me this is usually the case. But yesterday I got out and about in a part of the city that I never really hung out in, which was tons of fun.

My girlfriend and I decided that we wanted to go check out Franklin Square park, in Center City at 5th and Race. It’s the big park right by the 95 on-ramp with the old-style carousel. There is a fantastic sand sculpture there that I recommend everyone check out – it’s simply massive, and full of Philadelphia pride. What’s really cool about it is that it is 150 tons of solid sand that holds its shape, and is expected to stay there until September. We bounced from there to the mini-golf course (which was surprisingly a solidly fun course, I haven’t been mini-golfing in ages but I hit a +3 on the 18 holes) and then went on a spin on the carousel. Afterwards, while exploring Old City, we came across a quaint little Italian cheese importer that also served sandwiches and ice cream. After grabbing some lemon sorbet that was seated inside a lemon peel, we headed back to her parent’s house and went for a refreshing swim in the pool.

A Sunday adventure like that is always great for me. I love coming back to work on Monday refreshed, and ready to work on new Flash Animation, 3D modeling and animation, and web interactives for Dynamic Digital Advertising and its clients.