Expanding the Virtual Pipes

I picked up Team Fortress 2 off of Steam for the PC last week, and boy was it a bad idea. That game is far too much fun for its own good – I think I stayed up a little too late the last couple of days capturing briefcases and pushing carts. What is cool is that when I spontaneously decided that I wanted to play this game, it was after 11 p.m. on Sunday and all the stores were closed. But Steam is always open.

I have talked before about the new world of all-digital software distribution that we now live in. It still amazes me how many opportunities arise that we get to use the ridiculously powerful amounts of broadband that we have access to. At DDA, we are able to upload high quality images, videos, animations, and websites which would have been unheard of on the web 10 years ago. And the pipeline is only expanding. It is estimated that within the next decade, the average consumer bandwidth will exceed 10000 Mbits/s. And as broadband grows, so too will our ability to provide higher resolution movies and animations to our clients.