Fate and the Art of Dodging Branches with Cars

Last week, Steve’s car had a little run-in with a tree branch during one of the recent windstorms we’ve been having. Even though it wasn’t a huge branch, it still caused a lot of damage. So imagine my surprise when I went outside the other day to find David, Jake, and Tyler moving a branch the size of an entire tree away from the space left between my and Vinnie’s cars. Apparently the thing had crashed down during a maybe 30-minute rain we had that came and went with no real warning. Luckily, Judy is out of town this week on vacation, so her usual parking spot was empty; Vinny had parked sort of halfway between her usual space and his own, leaving a perfect gap in which this “tree” could land. I think he got away with no damage save for a bent antenna.

With all the branches coming down, I feel like I need to keep checking on my car on rainy days like today in case there’s another “incident.” Not that seeing it will really help me do anything about it; I’d just feel better. But in the case of the huge branch coming down between our cars, it almost seemed too good to be coincidence — like it was fate or something.

I’ve been working hard on a few medical projects for a while now, and can’t wait until they are totally finished so we can show them off! For one project, we’re doing 3D medical animation that will get incorporated into an interactive 3D and video training tool that users can customize. I dare say it’s one of our most ambitious and technically impressive projects yet, and will be an awesome addition to the portfolio. The project has a huge scope, and includes Flash, 3D, video production, advanced web coding, medical training tools, design, interactive web video, and probably a bunch of other stuff I’m not working on so I don’t know so much about!

We’ve also got cool stuff happening under the hood here at DDA — nothing I can talk about yet, but let’s just say it’s going to knock your socks off. When you see it in action, you’ll say that like a branch falling perfectly between two cars, your finding DDA has to have been fate.