Finding Art Among Recession

I spent some time on Sunday in Asbury Park, NJ with my girlfriend, who wanted to sketch and take pictures of some of the buildings there. There’s a really interesting style of architecture in some of the older buildings – like the old casino, or the Asbury Park pier, which looks almost like some sort of 1920s era great boardwalk train station.There are some interesting graffiti murals there now too – not your typical spraycan tags, though; these are actual pieces of art that seem to represent the city’s connection to the beach and sea. Each seem to focus on the theme of the sea as a woman, like the mural inside the casino showing her as a sort of octopus-mermaid.There’s another one on a bar I really liked – something about the sense of design behind it really took me.I couldn’t find a better picture, but when Nicole scans her photos and gets them up on the web I’ll make sure to post it here; something about the way her hair flows around the building and the other elements of the design are really cool to me.Its great how even amongst the recession and dilapidated buildings in that area, art can thrive. There’s something to be said of the interesting juxtaposition between creative graphic design and the run-down but still majestic architecture of the ’40s and ’50s. Its great to work with computers and technology, don’t get me wrong – I love 3D animation, designing computer graphics, 2D and flash animation, and the other forms of digital art and animation I have the privilege to work with here at DDA. But the innate artistic flair of the mural medium is something that I find really fascinating. I hope to return to Asbury Park (hopefully on a day when it’s a little warmer!) and get some more photos of this really artistically clashing and vibrant place.