Firefox Updated: Has Cool Release Notes

Firefox, my current web browser of choice, updated today to version 3.5.2. Every time there’s an update, too, I like to go in and look at their release notes, which I think really just amounts to their internal programmers and developers Bug List. Going from update to update, I feel like I can really get a glimpse of what a small portion of their development process is like, which is really neat. Coding and maintaining one of the more popular web browsers on the internet is no small feat.

I’m excited to hear about the open video format support that’s in this latest update, too. Basically it is supposed to allow dynamic video content in any web page without requiring the user to download any sort of plug-in. I myself am a little baffled about how it works, but the fact that it is one step easier for Firefox users (and hopefully soon all internet users) to view streaming, dynamic or static video content over the web is, in my book, a huge boon for us at DDA Video!