Flash, Bang, Boom!

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, Flash is a big part of our website design philosophy.

When I first started working at DDA, I knew I was going to have to take on responsibilities that were not covered in my training at school.  I never thought, however, that I would ever be tackling web design at all. In this web 2.0 world, Flash website design and coding skills are a must for any business trying to compete in the Internet marketing space. That’s why when I was asked to do Flash sites, I was more than happy to learn.

Now I’ve helped put together over a half-dozen flash pieces for the web. That’s not bad for  someone who had no web experience coming into the job. If it wasn’t for DDA, I probably wouldn’t even know my AS 3 from my ActionScript 2!

We take pride in our ability to create dynamic web 2.0 applications for your company or small business. Let me and the rest of the DDA video department put together your next Flash site, and rest assured that you will have a professional, innovative website that stands tall in the crowded 21st century web marketplace.