Flash Event Generator Helps Coders Save Time (Imagine That!)

Laurence sent out an extension for Flash CS3 yesterday that really piqued my interest. Written by Lee Brimelow, who is also the author of many very useful Flash tutorials, Event Generator is a CS3 plugin that promises to save us a lot of time inputting simple code.

Here’s how it works;  all you have to do is create a movie clip with an instance name. This is something that any properly organized Flash interactive or animation will have anyway – anything the coder wants to interact with using actionscript must have an instance name. Once that is set up, all you need to do is click that movie clip, then check the appropriate checkbox for what you want to do. Selections include click actions, enterFrame, RollOver and RollOut, and KeyPress actions. Then click “Copy to Clipboard.” That’s it! Just paste the code into your timeline and you’re set.

It’s really so easy a child could do it. I definitely look forward to more from Lee and the other Flash Gurus out there – more extensions like this and we’ll be pumping out AS3 apps in no time!