Flash Player 10 – Adobe’s Next Big Thing

It’s always exciting when Flash Player gets an update. Adobe is introducing Flash Player 10, which is currently in Beta and shaping up to be one of the most promising releases of the player in a while. I’ve come across some cool demonstrations by Lee Brimelow of theFlashBlog.com that I would like to share.

A couple of new features have really piqued my interest. For instance, I watched a tutorial which demonstrated Flash Player 10′s ability to dynamically generate sound. You can allow the sound to be created based on mouse motion, a variable, or anything else. The demo shown here is simple, but you can imagine some interesting possibilities.

What really excites me, however, is the native 3d support. There is a class now that allows sprites to be easily translated to 3d for navigation. The demo here shows how it’s done – I can easily see this used as either a cool menu navigation effect, or even in an animation to produce interesting results. Lee also mentioned that Flash CS4 will take unique advantage of robust 3D tools, which is particularly exciting since we have been working with 3D and Flash integration for the better part of a year now.

These updates can’t get here soon enough. All we can do for now is help test the beta version of the player and hope that the community’s feedback is enough to help Adobe ship CS4 and Flash Player 10 soon!