Gaming for Business, Gaming for Life

I spend a lot of my free time playing video games. Like, a real lot. Games have been my passion since my Dad brought home my first system, the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Games have been my motivation and inspiration for becoming an animator – by learning 3D programs and basic scripting languages, I am building myself the necessary tool-set to go into independent game development on my own.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising,  I have been given numerous opportunities to work on web interactives that have tested my game design and programming skills. Between creating simple platforming games, point-and-click interactions, and even basic 3d to Flash integration, I am quickly building a portfolio of skills that I can apply to my own personal work. And the best part? I get paid for it too!

Games can greatly increase or intrigue your company’s customer base. You can have educational games, training tools that help explain something your company does or train employees. You can also have games for entertainment, that keep customers coming back to your site again and again to complete the next addictive puzzle. There are even social interaction games, that allow customers to interact with each other and your business, forming a close community that can be an asset for any small or large company.

Let DDA work on your website’s next big idea for a game or interactive.  With our diverse skill set and creative and efficient talent, we can make games that entertain, educate, and excite!