Getting My HD Club Card

Last Saturday, my girlfriend and brother pooled their money and bought me a really sweet 26″ high-definition television for my birthday. It is the ultimate gamer TV- 26″ isn’t too small, but isn’t so large as to not be mobile either. For a gamer, and for someone who has moved 3 times in the last 3 months, this TV is the perfect size. It displays in sweet 720p resolution, has 6 (SIX!!!) HD inputs, and runs a totally smooth 8-millisecond response time, increasing refresh rate. Now I can finally enjoy the Xbox 360 games that I have had for 2 years the way they were truly meant to be played, in glorious high-def.

I’m only just now able to get on the HD bandwagon, but as HD sets and HD cable packages become more and more affordable, and more people get to see the difference firsthand, it becomes increasingly important to produce all visual media in high-definition. At DDA, we always try to start our video projects out at the highest resolution possible. It is important to have that original HD master available, even when developing video for the web, on the off chance that at some point in the future that content may need to be shown in HD.

Whether it would be on a Blu-ray disc or high definition TV broadcast, it is this kind of future-proofing that lets Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Video Department keep the edge in digital video technology.