Going Dark

Setting the clocks back for the end of Daylight Savings time always throws me off a little bit. To me it is the official announcement of the onset of winter, my least favorite season (give me warm, sun-dappled woods over icy roads any day). It’s dark when I get up to go to work, and dark when I go home. The whole thing makes me just feel tired. Fortunately, though, I have plenty of sugary treats today to get me through — leftover Halloween candy and hot chocolate are life savers!

I’ve been working on a Flash integration project at DDA for a long-time client, making multiple flash pieces talk to each other and synchronize their actions. It’s complicated, but satisfying when all the parts come together to make a unified web page. It’s interesting how much my current project parallels the average DDA employee’s optimized workflow. At DDA, we make sure that even though we are all working on individual projects, we talk to each other and keep our schedules in sync. Whether working on web design, flash coding, video editing, scriptwriting, programming, 3D animation, or any of the other services we offer, our project coordinators keep everyone in the loop to ensure that even though it may be getting dark outside, DDA will continue shining bright.