Hard Drive Problems are Hard

My computer’s going crazy again :P

I don’t know how I end up with so many hard drive corruptions, but it’s happened again. It’s mostly my Windows installation on the old 80GB drive I’m using that keeps breaking – I think I’ll need to reinstall to my newer 500GB drive this time. I was using that for games while using the 80GB drive for system files, to keep organized, but its corrupted so many times I think its time to just give up on the idea. It’s too bad I’ll lose all my game installs and save games on the 500GB drive, when I reinstall Windows.

Hard drive issues can happen suddenly, especially when, like me, you’re trying to mix SATA and IDE formats on one machine. Luckily, I don’t have much personal work stored directly on that computer – I back most of it up to my external drive. Here at DDA, too, I have an external drive that I try to update at the end of every day, as well as the many CD-ROM and DVD backups that we create at the end of every project. Additionally, we have digital storage across our many servers on the DDA web network. That’s where we store animation proofs to show clients, websites, design proofs, videos, motion graphics, and more.

Thankfully, though, this machine hasn’t had any hard drive corruptions yet (knock on wood) and let’s hope it stays that way – I’d hate to have to reinstall all this software!