High-Quality Video for Small Businesses

Last night, while watching Monday Night Football, I saw an ad for one of those websites that supposedly sells software that will make your computer run faster (yeah, right). In reality, the software they sell is little more than an anti-virus program bundled with an adware/spyware scan and eliminator. They advertised that they had been featured in Newsweek and other publications, and won awards. The thing was, even if this were true, the commercial was so poorly done that, at least to me, it completely robbed the product, and that company, of all credibility.

A low-budget commercial may be all your company can afford, and that’s totally understandable. But when shopping for a company to produce commercials or other video content for your business, don’t settle for lower quality just to get a lower price. As I experienced with this commercial last night, a bad commercial just might serve to harm your company’s credibility rather than help it. It gives the appearance that your company isn’t even successful enough to hire a decent actor, or portrays your company as some sort of scam (like those late-night “Become a Millionaire in 3 Easy Steps” infomercials).

When you’re looking for someone to produce quality video content, whether it be for commercials, websites, advanced training videos or anything else, turn to Dynamic Digital Advertising. We produce only high-quality content that won’t make your company look out-of-touch. Our state-of-the-art video equipment allows us to capture high-definition video content for any type of video, and our green screen and cutting edge software provide our video editors with powerful tools for composing and editing your video. We do on-location shoots, or clients can come right in and visit our studio for themselves. And our robust Actor’s Gallery lets you custom pick from dozens of actors to get just the right spokesperson for your corporate or medical video, or the perfect actor for your commercial. At DDA, we’re all about quality video content — so check out DDA Video right now!