Higher Bandwidth = Higher Content Payload

Last night I began using the new Netflix app for the Xbox 360. Basically, it is a new application that lets you use the system as a set-top box for streaming Netflix’s online video library directly to your TV. The whole thing took mere minutes to set up, and I was totally blown away by the fact that I could stream HD video at 720p directly through my ethernet connection so quickly and easily. Before I had even finished making dinner, I was watching the full first season of Jericho with virtually no wait between episodes. The program dynamically chooses your video quality based on your Internet connection speed, so within the first 30 seconds of choosing a video, there it is playing on my TV as if I had just popped in a high-quality DVD. In fact, at 720p, this looked even better!

With this kind of super-fast streaming technology making its way into the mainstream market, it’s no wonder that DDA produces high-definition corporate and medical videos both for broadcast and on the web. Fiber optic connections are becoming the norm worldwide, and in fact the US is somewhat behind in terms of broadband penetration into homes. As we catch up, it is important to take advantage of the full range of opportunities that super fast Internet connections provide. Websites can be more complex, not in terms of navigation but in terms of raw content and graphical power. Video content can be higher quality, allowing users to see more than ever before. And data transfers go a mile a minute, so you can upload large videos and high definition photos directly to a website or loved one.

At DDA, we take full advantage of the opportunities that broadband and fiber optic internet technology provides. We are capable of producing dynamically scaling content that can be adjusted based on the user’s Internet speed, as well as their CPU performance, memory, or operating system. It is important to be able to get our clients’ content to as many people as possible, and as technology progresses, that only gets easier and easier. So embrace the future of information technology with DDA Video!