I Need CPR for my CPU

At home, for the past three days, I’ve been battling a horrible virus on my computer. I know exactly how I got it, and it is entirely my fault for not paying attention to what I was installing/clicking, but it totally irks me just the same.

The main problem is the “time limit.” After a certain point, the virus starts to run a looping program that maxes out Windows Explorer’s CPU usage. Normally, my computer could handle something like this for maybe 20 minutes to a half hour, enough time for me to run an Ad-Aware and Spybot scan and quarantine any abnormal programs. However, since it is consistently 95 degrees Fahrenheit in my room, and since I don’t have AC, my CPU overheats and buckles under 100% load after just 5 minutes. Everything I was doing simply locks up and I have to hard reset the machine. Five minutes is not enough time for the scans.

So I am waiting for now, for it to be a bit cooler out so I can maybe finish a scan. If the problem persists long enough, I may have to back up my important work to my external USB hard drive and reformat the machine, though I am concerned about what may try and come over in the file transfer. Also, I can only back up work in 5 minute increments before I have to restart.

Until my PC has either been purged of the evil that resides within it, or reincarnated with a fresh install of Windows, I’m stuck as far as Internet at home. All I really need is to check my email once a day, and I can do that on my lunch break at DDA, between sessions of 3d animation, flash programming, and creating CD-ROM interactives.