Improvising Solutions

My D&D group, which meets on Friday nights, has been picking up steam, and it’s a blast. It’s great to be able to get together with friends and tell a cooperative story. Last week’s game was full of characters, diplomacy, intrigue, and interesting situations. To be honest, running a D&D campaign as I am, is a great exercise in creativity and problem solving that can then be carried over to many applications here at DDA and DDA Medical.

In a D&D game, there is usually a bit of planning involved in setting everything up for the players. However, I’ve found that the majority of the time a player is going to throw you a curveball, doing something you don’t expect and causing you to have to improvise a solution.  The same goes for the complex medical projects that DDA Video and DDA Medical work on every day.

We always approach every website, 3D medical animation, and 3D medical training application with careful planning and deliberation. However, there are always issues that come up through production that need to be addressed. For instance, let’s say we are working on an interactive medical website that integrates video, 3D animation, and 2D medical flash animation into a streamlined medical training application. When we test the site locally, it works fine. But when its uploaded to the live site, none of the videos are loading! When checking the file paths, it all appears right; it turns out that the videos are having a weird incompatibility with the browser we’re using! How do we fix this? One thing we can try is to write alternate, compatible code that will run only in that browser.

That was a simple example, but many times the solutions (and the problems) are much more challenging. By putting our heads together, our dedicated video producers, writers, animators, and programmers can come up with the answers time after time!